A downloadable Whispers In The Dark for Windows and macOS

INTRO: The character starts the game off in bed, waking up to a voice telling him to get up. Given the option to get up he either starts the day or lies back down...

Link to blog post for further detail: http://blog.harley-torrisi.me/?p=208

Install instructions

Download available for Windows and Mac OS
-Made With Unity5
-Best played with Headphones
-Optimised for "Good" graphics settings


Whispers In The Dark.zip 36 MB
Whispers In The Dark.app.zip 36 MB


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Nice idea.


Thank you :)
I didnt have the time I would have liked to finish it, so I didnt get to fit in all my ideas. Would you say you still got an emotional reaction from it?

I did, I think the core concept would be very interesting fleshed out. The way you represented it with the voices was good and could work in a longer game, such as having the character just trying to complete day to day tasks and showing how much the condition interferes with that. As it is I got the gist of what you were trying to show even if it was quite short. 

your game wont play. it downloads but i cant run it.

Hey Anneee, I confirmed the files do run. If you try run the file straight from the .zip folder than it wont work. You would need to unzip the folder :)

Hope that helped.