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Please feel free to share any feedback on Asset Cat, or feature requests such as asset types or supported file formats

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Ability to use AssetCat without having to sync. I have problems accessing Dropbox and I never use it so I wasn't even able to enter AssetCat. It would be simpler to just use local disk storage.


Thank you for your feedback, it will be taken into consideration in the next update.


I second this request. I would definetly prefer using it without sync. 

Windowed mode, minimize Window options would be nice. kinda expected from a windows application.

Hey, thanks for the feedback. This is one of the first things that will be looked at.

Currently the reason for this is because I haven’t found out how to intercept the close button on Unity with a warning message if an asset is being uploaded.

Because the databases are delicate, it was done to protect the user. Until such method can be implemented.

Thank you :) 

Using Google Drive as another storage option would be pretty cool

GoogleDrive, DropBox etc does not offer the same sort of functionality the OneDrive offers for “App Storage”. For the first release it will just be for DropBox.

But so your aware of the future plans for Asset Cat. If this hits off and people actually like it. I plan to rebuild it without Unity, making a full featured desktop application with loads more functionality. Hosting in the cloud would be an optional feature and if so, done on one dedicated server. So no need for having an account choosing between DropBox, Google etc

Thanks for you feedback :)